Wedding: My Make Up and Hair

Weddings can be very expensive things, but there are many wedding make up 1options for people looking to do things more efficiently and cost effectively. One thing I personally decided to do was to do my own make up and hair.

I am no make up artist, but here is what I did for my own special day:

  • I chose an ivory foundation, and added a gentle, deep rose blusher to my cheeks, for a rosy glow.
  • For my eyes I had a blend of shades of cream, brown and gold. I then framed with deep black lashes with a mascara wand.
  • For lips, I hawedding 5d a combination of a rosy, red colour, with a soft gloss to give a finishing shine.
  • For my hair, again, I kept things very simple. I put part of my hair up, pinning it back with a clip, while allowing the remainder to rest in soft waves. I wore a sparkly tiara as a headpiece to complete the look.

Top tips

Here are some of my top tips for DIY wedding hair and make up:

  • Pull together lots of different ideas for your look. I wanted a simple yet classic style for my wedding, drawing on natural tones and shades. However, there is a lot of inspiration out there for different looks, from very soft, natural make up styles, to super glamorous looks. Looking at wedding and fashion websites and magazines is a good way to pull together ideas of looks that work, while adapting them to suit your own personal tastes and wedding theme.
  • Practice, practice, practice. I picked up my make up for the big day a few weeks before, and spent time experimenting, when I went out, and perfecting my make up. You can also use this opportunity to try different styles and looks, and get input from friends and family and your future spouse on what looks and works best. wedding
  • Have a good hair cut beforehand. Although I styled my own hair, I had it cut a few days before the big day, so that it could be in the best possible condition for me to work with for the wedding.  I had some length off, and some layers added, to make my hair lighter and more manageable (it is very thick and wavy). This made it easier to style how I wanted on the day, as well as giving my hair a healthier and lighter look.
  • Enjoy your day! Hair may get wind tousled, and make up smudged by the emotion and inertia of the day, but make sure you relax and enjoy every minute of your wedding, and being a bride.

wedding make up 2


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