A Graduation Outfit


It’s that time of the year when graduations are taking place, and many hard working students are preparing to mark the momentous occasion with friends and family. Whether you are a graduand yourself, preparing to receive your degree and handshake, or a family member attending, this is a very exciting time.

2013 was a big year for me in terms of graduation celebrations. I went to three in the space of a few months! There were many unknowns, but one big question that will be explored in this post is: what should one wear to such an occasion?

As there will be many photos, and you will be wearing the outfit all day, it is worth taking time to think beforehand and prepare some different options. Here are some main considerations that may be helpful to take into account:

#1 Comfort

It is important to be comfortable. There is a lot of standing around involved, walking to different places to pick up caps and gowns, or have photos taken, as well as the ceremony itself and any parties and celebrations afterwards. Also worth considering for comfort is travel. All 3 of the ceremonies I attended involved extensive travel: two to London (one by car, one by train), and one to the West country. A trusty pair of flip flops or flat shoes that can be travelled in and then swapped for party shoes, on arrival, are an absolute must. Also, depending on how long the journey, and what travel method used, it may also be worth considering whether it is best to travel in a different outfit, and change on arrival.

#2 Style

Graduation is a time for lots of photo taking, and you will have the option to have yourself, or be a part of, professional photos. An outfit that is both beautiful and appropriate is important. You probably don’t want to be looking like you are about to go clubbing. At the same time, you don’t want to look too casual. Try and think when picking out your outfit of how you will feel in many years time when you look back on the photos, and let this be your guide. If you are the graduand, it may be quite a nice idea to match with the university colours.

#3 The weather

It’s always worth having a couple of options, just in case. For me, two graduations were in the summer, which was very hot and it was important to have something light and airy. The third graduation was in the autumn, which warranted some layering to combat the cooler temperatures.  For hot summer graduations, delicate cottons and silks are perfect. If the weather is a little cooler, an elegant wrap or cardigan can add some warmth as well as glamour. For graduations at a cooler time of year, try layering with a dress of a heavier material like satin or velvet, for a warmer yet luxurious feel. With a stylish coat or jacket on top, teamed with some court shoes or shiny boots and you will be well a way to a warm and stylish graduation outfit.

DSCF2080100_0935 - Copy DSCF2010 - Copy


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