Karen Millen for 2 Pounds

Charity (or thrift store if your across the pond) shopping is such an amazing way to buy beautiful, good quality clothing for great prices.

I have been a big fan for a long while, and find it fun to set challenges for finding the best things for the best price.

Yesterday, delightedly, in a local charity shop, there were two beautiful Karen Millen blouses, for £2 each. I was ecstatic! Karen Millen’s designs are  feminine, glamorous and stylish. These were such a lovely find, with one being a sparkly gold colour and the other a sparkly jade green, and will go with lots of different things.

Three of the main reasons I enjoy shopping this way are:

The gold top, my Karen Millen find.

#1 Helping others 

Buying second hand clothes from charity stores helps various good causes. It is wonderful to be able to find beautiful items, while helping people or animals in need at the same time. Also, when one is having a clear out, sending clothes back to the charity shop is a lovely way to keep the positive cycle going.

#2 It saves money

Based on what I know, certainly of Karen Millen’s beautiful clothes, if I had bought these items new I would have been forking out money, potentially, to the amount of around £100 or more. Buying this way is a great way to enjoy good quality fashion at cut rate prices. Additionally, I could have spent the same amount of money I spent in the charity shop at a cheap high street brand, and not got such a good deal or quality.

#3 It’s exciting

You never know what you may find, so it is always an adventure. For someone who loves classic pieces and individuality, it is nice to find different items that are not necessarily on the high street. This is also a way to discover new brands, as well as pick up retro and vintage items, which makes for a truly eclectic and exciting wardrobe for every occasion.


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