Blood Sugar Balance: Lunch

Lunch is a very important meal. Whether you are on the go, at work, studying or at home, it can often be difficult to find the time to fix a healthy lunch, or even to have the meal at all. Often this makes for quick fixes and snacking, such as grabbing high carb options such as sandwiches, or even confectionery and packets of crisps. This post will explore a couple of quick and easy options for lunches, that are filling, healthy and nourishing, to keep you fuller for longer, that may help stave the common blood sugar slump of the afternoon…

Egg Salad

This is a personal favourite in our house, for a light and filling lunch. It is also tons of fun, because of the salad, which you can mix up and make as vibrant and rainbow as you like. This can be made the night before and placed in the fridge, so all you have to do in the morning is grab your lunch box and run out the door, with the knowledge that nourishing food awaits you at lunchtime…


2 hard boiled eggs

3-4 medium cucumber sticks

3- 4 medium carrot sticks

1 celery stick, cut in half

3 – 4 medium pepper sticks (red, yellow or green, or a mixture)

1/2 an avocado, sliced


Boil the eggs on a hob for 10 minutes until hard boiled. While these are cooking, prepare the salad. Once the eggs are ready, drain the hot water, and run the eggs under a cold tap. Peel the shells of the eggs, and then add to the salad. Serve immediately, or place in  a container and refrigerate.

*Variations: if you are vegan or have an egg allergy, using raw tofu instead of eggs (I personally enjoy Calderon’s). Open the packet, drain the water, and then use half of the tofu therein and slice into even cubes.


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