An Urgent Appeal for Calais…

It is impossible to not be aware of the plight of our brothers and sisters in Calais. It has been a constant topic of news these past weeks, as well as of heated debate, as more and more refugees migrate, seeking safety for their families, and the chance of a better life, as things continue to deteriorate in the Middle East. 2015-09-07 19.35.55

As I write this, I am acutely aware of the differing  sentiments and concerns around this issue. However, I am not interested in provoking a discussion of politics here, or of economics. I am writing this as a human being, to appeal to my fellow human beings, for a humanitarian cause. These people in Calais have suffered, and are suffering, and need our help.

There are many centres and organisations across the United Kingdom that are taking donations out to those in need. We may have things –  clothes, shoes, equipment etc., perhaps that we do not need or have not used in a long time. These things could offer a lifeline as the refugees continue to flock to Calais, and the weather here in Western Europe begins to get cold, as summer dies into autumn, and the winter looms ahead.

In addition to offering donations of items, there are also other practical ways that we may get involved, from signing petitions, to donating money, to coordinating,collecting and distributing donations.

If you are reading this, and you are interested in getting involved in helping here are some useful links:


Crying Out for Calais:

A useful article from The Independent:

Let’s stand in solidarity. Let’s make a difference, one act of kindness at a time. Let’s make our voice heard in Parliament. Let’s help the people in Calais.


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