Nutrition: My Passion and Journey


It seems fitting to perhaps give a bit of background as to how and why I got into nutrition. It all started back when I was thirteen years old…

I read a book by Jordan S. Rubin called the Maker’s Diet. Wow! This book was such a blessing to me. I read avidly of the importance of eating healthy and nutritional principles, as well as Jordan’s amazing story of how he used eating whole foods to manage Chrohn’s disease. He was close to death, but he is now healthy and using his passion to help others. If you’re not familiar with his story, I would really recommend his book. You can find it on Amazon here:

During this time, my brother went to see a nutritional therapist. My parents started to incorporate healthy changes into our diet, such as oily fish, and supplements, and this too excited me. I loved cooking healthy delicious meals from scratch, and also understanding what different nutrients did in the body.

I started to exercise, and also to eat more whole foods. Nutrition became my passion, and I wanted to help others. I was able to help people in my family, and this was a great encouragement to them, as well as fulfilling for me.

Fast forward a few years and it came time for me to choose what to study at university. I was still very passionate about nutrition, but I still took time deciding what to do, as I had many different interests. I looked at becoming a doctor, a chiropractor, going to Bible college to go into ministry. However, when it came to it, I ended out choosing nutrition, because I realised that God had given me my passion for a reason. He wanted me to do what I loved doing, and what I was good at, to help and be a blessing to others.

After university, I experienced a bit of a difficult time. I became very unwell after a respiratory virus. Instead of recovering normally after a few days, I became worse and worse. My skin broke out into red, itchy rashes, I threw up all the time, had digestive issues and a persistent cough, coughed up blood, and was tired all the time with no energy, while experiencing constant chest and UTI infections. Numerous trips to the doctors were revealing nothing. They had no idea why I was unwell and what was the problem. This lasted for around 18 months, with various symptoms that continued to persist after this. I still don’t fully understand what happened or caused this, but having heavily addressed diet, lifestyle and exercise, am happy to report that today I feel a different, much healthier person. My passion is to help and support people using this blog to feel the same .

Feb 2013. I remember how terrible I felt this day! 

Dear readers, I want to encourage you to dream big and follow your dreams. Those talents you have, and those capabilities, are not there by accident.

We are all on a journey together and we can use our experiences to help others.

Cultivate the things you love doing, embrace what you are good at, and be thankful that you are “beautifully unique” in every way. 🙂

20151206_130808 - Copy
2015 – enjoying a mostly gluten free paleo diet and much more energy (which is needed to keep up with a lively 5 month old!).

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