A Year of Thinking Positively


Hello everyone! January has flown by and in the whirlwind I have not posted in a while. Today I want to share with you all a firm resolve for 2016.

As 2015 melted away into a new year, I felt deeply moved that my thinking needed to develop and change this year. If you have been following this blog a while now, you will know that I am a passionate real foodie, and take great care what foods I put in my body.  However, just as we feed our stomachs with foods, we also feed our minds with the thoughts we have and focus on.

One particular exercise that I have been implementing is breathing deeply in and out while focusing on thoughts and attributes I either want to cultivate or eliminate.

For example:

Breathe in:

Positivity, kindness, love, serenity, understanding, forgiveness, confidence etc.

Breathe out:

Negativity, anger, fear, emotional pain, bad memories

This has been so helpful already, and hopefully, by sharing with you, it may help you, too.

One thing that is proving difficult is sticking fully to the resolve. Bad habits die hard, and it is easy for slip ups to occur. However, as part of thinking positively, part of the process is being ok when this happens, forgiving self and letting go. As a perfectionist, I always seem to have very unreasonable expectations of myself, be very self-critical and this is reflected by my attitudes towards myself and internal voice. I have also, at times, experienced feelings of despair, discouragement and anxiety, due to sad events and difficult experiences in the past. Positive thinking recognises this is neither healthy nor productive. So I must make a choice to breathe it out and breathe in acceptance, self worth, hope, forgiveness, peace and kindness instead.

As January fades into February, be encouraged that you are beautifully unique and to stick with any positive resolutions you have made for yourselves this year. You are more than worth the investment. Let’s make 2016 the year we did something different, stepped up, stepped out, and soared like eagles.


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